Powerbook Pismo 500 with a 32GB SSD 👍
Mac OS 9.2.1, with Code Warrior and kaleidoscope ♥️

That feeling when your fiance and (not yet) girlfriend are having cyber sex via an esoteric language (not even the programing kind)

I am a walking pride event, I have sessions on anarcho-communist and being trans


Check with your doctor to see if force feminization is the right choice for you.

@immychan 😳

About to spend 4 hours of my life interviewing with Amazon
FML I hate this
I get testing anxiety and they're gonna have me code in front of them :(

Can everyone send @averyada some love, she's been having a SUPER rough past couple of days.

Bring back Google Gadgets, that was my childhood💖

E-begging and rambling 

BC i lost my income due to losing my job, any support on my Patreon would be really nice. Struggling to process life and working for you folks is my dream. If i get enough live i'll just release all my nudes publicly but until then i have no choice bc capitalism sucks.

I just love you all and this is the only ethical line of work i can think of patreon.com/Main_Tomato :QueerCatHeart_Pride:

#1 Neurodivergent Live Pro Tip:
Marry a developer 💍
They're the fucking BEST

For anyone who plays phasmophobia, I’m now accepting beta testers for my iOS app called “Ghost ID”. It helps you eliminate evidence as you play.

Boosts appreciated.

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