I wish society was arranged in a way where it was easier to say "I would like to travel to another place, on foot" and taking like a month to walk from the midwest to like new york or something at a relaxing pace. Without being arrested for publically camping and with any kind of material/social infrastructure that was friendly to people doing such a thing.

PSA: never donate to the Salvation Army. it is a charity run by profiteering homophobe union busters and strike breakers, and always has been. part of every dollar they get funds anti-gay Christian fascism.

fuck the Starvation Army.

suicide, climate activism 

I haven't seen this picked up in any major US publication, but a Buddhist self-immolated in front of the Supreme Court on Friday, to protest inaction on climate change, similar to a man in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, a few years ago. Wishing for a society that let these acts change them...


It's been done Firefox is my default browser now. I hope I can make it last this time :/

I would love to switch to Linux exclusively but games & Fusion360 keep me in Windows

Fucking Windows and their crappy adware. It's not even a free (as in cost) OS.... WTF

I wonder how we could build a federated search engine?

Like, 87% of all Google and DuckDuckGo search results are for orgs trying to sell you something. Could a #fediverse style “network of trust” that marks which domains are commercial or non-commercial be used to search only sites which don’t have a financial interest in capturing and directing your attention?

SSTV S2 Image received on 14.230 MHz USB at 2022-04-17 06:43:12 UTC
#sstv #S2 #14230

Despite making up less than a percent of the population, trans people account for half of the dope people on my timeline.

Don't forget: You, my love, made a lot of progress so far!

I’m doing therapy, I finish my session, and find that Liz and Leo have both fallen asleep cuddling right behind me.

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