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So I watched the Linus Tech Tips Linux Challenge part 3. That was a nice video.

I'm sure uhhh...

I'm sure the Linux community has great things to say about it. XD

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"Don't get too attached to your apple account. It belongs to Apple, not you."

Windows be like: Blue screen of death? A Monday like any other.
Linux be like: lol kernel panic

In your opinion, what's the best Linux distro to put on a non-tech-savvy user's computer that you're going to maintain on a sporadic basis and why?

My pick was Ubuntu (MATE) because it's stable & easy to use & maintain but release upgrade instability reports make me reconsider.

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So nobody was going to tell me that microG is integrated into /e/ by default?

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Is there a market for GUI online video download managers based on youtube-dl?

You cannot change my mind, I will not use, recommend or set someone up with Linux M*nt.

It's not malicious or anything. It's just not the kind of user experience I find to be of high quality.

I was considering switching from LineageOS to /e/ on my phone but I can't do without Google Services of any kind and I feel like even something like microG is antithetical to what /e/ strives for.

I'm probably just going to do some degoogling tricks on my LineageOS install.

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i'm here on the timeline of mastodon dot social, a federated, decentralized social media platform

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Did you know you can follow PeerTube channels, accounts and pages through RSS?

1. Go to the account, channel or page you want to subscribe to on PeerTube

2. Click on the "subscribe" button on the page you want

3. Select "RSS"

4. Alternatively, click on the RSS logo and select the format you want (RSS, atom, json).

#PeerTubeTips #FediTips #PeerTube #Fediverse #RSS

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you (a Linux elitist): You will not learn Linux by trying to use it like Windows.
me (a Chad):

So it looks like I have no choice but to virtualize Windows for Wonderland Online because it degrades in performance over time in Proton.

I wish I enjoyed using any Linux distro that isn't Arch-based.

Actually, I got it running but it makes my system run a little unstable.

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I didn't get my obscure non-Steam game running in Proton. :(

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