Thanks to @Gakamine for looking out for me and sorry for worrying you.

I don't know what else to say.

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I have shut down my website (unicatte[dot]xyz) indefinitely.

I think I'm giving up on running Clover on my X61. I'll just use a normal MBR partition table.

My God, everything is backwards when I try to do vsync on these things. I never get vsync with a compositor on and I sometimes get vsync without the compositor.

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I'm afraid it will be too difficult to maintain and that I'll be missing Luke's good features.

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I had to scroll down almost two screenfuls to get to the first actual result. There are 4 ads on top. Please, can anyone see how bullshit this is?

A not very polite post about the modern web #profanity 

oh my fucking gawd , the internet is fucking unusable with your fucking cookie consent shit and fucking "it works better in our app" and your fucking "subscribe to our newsletter" and your fucking "location access" and your fucking notifications.

All this to display some fucking text with a fucking picture.

Go fucking home internet, you are fucking drunk.

Fuck you fucking websites

I think I finally got my hands on an LOS build that's gonna run on my phone and basically does what I wanted my ROM to do.

There actually is some kind of rollback protection on this phone. I can't seem to be able to go back to LOS 17.1 even though 18.1 isn't official yet. What the fuck...

Lutris suddenly doesn't like me. Well, that checks out, because I don't like Lutris either.

Is it even worth it to upgrade to LineageOS 18.1? I think I'll just stay on 17.1 and try to put microG on it.

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